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From letter to word to a story remains after existence!

The story of Jazyl began in 2020, as an educational platform to teach creative writing of all kinds. We bridge the gap between professional and high quality creatives and industry need for hight quality content amidst a shortage of writers. We seek to encourage the talents of writers and cultivate their skill and ability to be professional, skilled storytellers.

Jazyl is the practical means and tool for crafting the story in all the productions we export. We strive to help individuals and businesses alike articulate their voice and story, whether it is a social media story or an article, a novel or a short story, or pretty much anything – the list goes on with horizons.

The meaning of Jazyl is abundant, the strength of giving, and the power of authorship.

Every thread of Jazyl makes a masterpiece!

Tahany Jemal

The founder

Amal Al-Awlaki

The header of the educational content

Khaled Khoury


"I want Jazyl to be a bridge, between how to write to the craft what you write"
Tahani Jamal worked as a writer and researcher in television research and preparation, as well as translation, language editing and the other world in making behind what to seen, from script writing, concept creation, idea development, advertising campaign design, to whatever content might interfere.
"I founded Jazyl form that feeling which we cannot call, that urgent instinct to write something on paper, whether it is a joke, a note or a comment, or an epic poetic thought, the writer is commanded by whatever article he is and only the mediator."
Jazil is a handy tool for every writer, who gives him support, strength and techniques to enrich his creativity and talent and make him a professional storyteller. In order to enhance Arabic content and develop everyone who shares a love of writing.

Jazyl's today and future!

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We give our practical experiences to new writers, to strengthen their raw talent, and to help writers develop and transfer their stories to the world.

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Forming a new generation of written Arabic art, and molding the creativity in our clients’ eager minds to reach the level of giants in their expression and telling of their story.

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