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Welcome to Jazyl

  • Terms and conditions provides the conditions and responsibilities for the use of the Jazyl website and it will be referred to as (our website) within the subsequent Terms and conditions, as well as mentioning our obligations to the site and the obligations of users and browsers of the site, read these terms carefully from time to time in anticipation of any changes
  • These terms apply to all users of the site, whether the use is for the purpose of browsing or using, browsing or using the site means an approval of the conditions, and if the user don’t agree with the conditions he/she most not use our website
  • The terms include the privacy policy, as all the information you provide to our site is subject to the privacy policy, and we will take it as your information provided to us and we will not disclose it to any third party
  • The user is obligated to provide correct information about his identity and data, and not to share any content that violates the rights of a third party or violates the law under British law or violates the usage policy of our site, and in the event of a violation we are allowed to share his /her information to a third party under the legal procedures
  • Everything you share with us is not considered confidential or proprietary, and we will protect the privacy of these posts and not disclose them to any third party
  • With our keenness to ensure that the practical material on our site is correct, accurate and useful, we do not guarantee, commit, or promise its correctness, accuracy, or completeness as it is subject to oversight, error, or a decrease.
  • You have the right to quote or copy our content for your personal use and share it in a fair way that does not damage the reputation of our site, and it is prohibited to use the content for commercial purposes
  • Articles of users and users of Jazyl site represent their owners, and do not represent Jazyl values
  • We do not guarantee the continuity of the site and we have the right to update, amend, change or delete any content from the contents of our site without notice
  • It is allowed to link to our site, provided that the link is within the fair and legal use, and that it does not harm the reputation of the site, and it is forbidden to link to a site that is not yours, and we have the right to withdraw any link without notice, as it is allowed to link does not mean agreeing to any item or partnership in any way
  • Our site does not bear the transmission of viruses or malware
  • We adhere to the system of payment and payment via the site, or any method agreed upon, we adhere to the confidentiality of payment information for customers, you can agreed services as required by the contract, and we adhere to the confidentiality of payment information and account for customers
  • We abide by the prices of our offered services and employees to our customers at the time of payment, and in case the customer does not pay then we have the right to amend the prices and services provided in the future

You can contact us via e-mail: Hello@jazyl.co.uk